Updated: 16/08/11 : 07:25:27
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Rental accommodation prices static

The average cost of rental accommodation has stayed static this summer at just over 820 per month, according to property website Daft.ie.

Its latest report shows that in July, the average asking rent was the same as last year, after falling for three years in a row.

But, while rent in Dublin and Galway has remained largely the same over the past 12 months, it has dropped by 2% in Waterford and Limerick cities.

Daft.ie economist Ronan Lyons meanwhile said residential rental costs have risen significantly in Cork city, up 5%.

"Over the last year or so the average national rent has been 825," he said.

"That's hiding an increase in rent in many urban areas, and a fall in rural areas.

"Typically if you go outside the cities rents are about 3% below where they were a year ago, but in the cities they are up slightly. Indeed in Cork, they are up 5% compared to a year ago."