Updated: 23/02/12 : 08:10:58
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Dole radical overhaul to be announced today

The Government will later today announce radical plans aimed at getting as many long-term unemployed as possible off the Live Register.

The 'Pathways to Work' initiative - which will include a threat to dole payments for those who don't engage with the system to find a job - will be unveiled by the Taoiseach, T¨¢naiste and Social Protection Minister.

Ministers are expected to put the emphasis on turning the unemployment benefits system in to a re-employment system that puts people to work.

Analysts say a radical overhaul of the Department of Social Protection will be at the heart of the measures, with Department officials being set ambitious targets not just to prepare people for work, but to help employers find suitable candidates for jobs from the Register.

New rules will also see those who refuse to co-operate with interviews, skills assessment or retraining requirements having their dole cut.

The new system will also profile those who become unemployed from the start, looking at how long it could be before they find a job, therefore signalling a risk of long-tern unemployment.