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National Shame of Sligo Students Exposed

IT Sligo students made headlines in the national media yesterday...for all the wrong reasons.

Following on from the mayhem and destruction to private property in the Glencarrig Estate, Ballinode earlier this month by marauding students out of their mind on cheap booze, the Sunday World highlighted the disgraceful conduct to the nation.

It reported that up to a 200 strong unruly mob smashed up a house being rented to students, went on the rampage through the housing estate and set fire to a wheelie bin following a 'night out' in a Sligo pub.

The incident has sparked fury in the area with locals claiming that at least three out-of-control suchlike parties have been held in recent weeks.

SligoToday.ie can confirm that these 'parties' have been held on Tuesday evenings and referred to by some students as Super Tuesdays.

Gardai arrived in the early hours and dispersed the students and have confirmed that they will keep a watching brief on further developments on the troubled estate, especially on Tuesdays.

President of the Sligo Students Union, James Dillon speaking to the media condemned the parties and arranged for 'clean-up crews' to be dispatched to the estate as a 'goodwill gesture', he said, "We sent out people as a reactive measure to clean up the area we do not condone these events and will continue to work with gardaí and IT Sligo to bring any student engaging in anti-social behaviour to task."

The Sunday World photo showing the students
in Glencarrig Estate

One student told SligoToday.ie that, 'people should realise that there are over 6,000 students at IT Sligo and these 200 yobs do not represent the body of students eager to progress their future at the college', "It was the same during rag week," she said, "Just a tiny fraction of idiots ruining the reputation of all."

Locals condemned the students for their actions but also condemned pub landlords for fuelling the trouble with cheap booze. One local pub, popular with the students, was said to be recently selling alcohol for as little as €2 a pint and €1 per shot during promotions.

The chairperson of the Glencarrig Residents Association had no comment to make  saying the gardai were now investigating the disturbances.

The following communication was sent by Professor Terri Scott, President of IT Sligo to all students by email on 23 March prioritising it as Important and headed Anti Social Behaviour

Dear students,

An Garda Síochaná and concerned local residents have contacted the Institute about a number of incidents of anti social behaviour and public order offences in a local residential area, in which it is alleged that students from IT Sligo have been involved.

Reports of behaviour on recent Tuesday nights are troubling, and while not all of those present at the disturbances were IT Sligo students, the actions of the students who were present are bringing the name of the Institute into disrepute.

I want to remind each of you that the Student Charter sets out the Institute’s Code of Conduct, and the disciplinary procedure in the event of an alleged infringement of this Code. Every student signs an acceptance of the terms of this Charter at registration and adherence to its provisions is a condition of continued attendance at the Institute.

I want to urge each one of you to behave responsibly and to be aware of the implications of unacceptable behaviour.

In the instance of IT Sligo students being identified as being part of activities which bring the name of the Institute into disrepute, disciplinary procedures may be invoked.

Some incidents of misconduct are currently being investigated and appropriate action will be taken.

The Institute greatly values our connection with the local residents and the business community and I urge each one of you to show them the respect they deserve and to be aware of the serious consequences of breaching the Code of Conduct.

The majority of our students are highly regarded by the local community and are committed to their studies and the actions of a minority should not be allowed to take away from that.


Professor Terri Scott
IT Sligo

Please note the Student Charter can be viewed at http://itsligo.ie/student-hub/student-help/student-charter/.


Note: the following email was sent to all students at IT Sligo from James Dillon, President of the ITSligo Students Union

From: President-ITSSU [mailto:president@itssu.ie]
Sent: 26 March 2012 11:15
To: 'students@mail.itsligo.ie'
Subject: Recent Incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour

Dear Students,

Re: Recent Incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour

Over the last number of weeks we have received a large volume of reports from the Gardaí, local residents, as well as students about incidents of anti-social behaviour, which have occurred both in town, and in the local residential areas.  It is our understanding that these incidents involve many of our students here in IT Sligo, and as your representative, we are both angered, and deeply disappointed by these reports. IT Sligo Students’ Union have, and will continue to work in “protecting, and defending the interests of our members”, however we cannot, and will not defend the actions of those students who engage in any form of anti-social behaviour or misconduct.

We recognize the value of social events, as part of students’ personal and social development. College studies can be intense, stressful, and often somewhat overwhelming, and the Students’ Union would never restrict you from socialising with friends, and classmates, but there has to be a line drawn, and over the last number of weeks, I’m sorry to say for a number of students this line has been crossed. We have emphasised the importance of our Welfare Campaigns, and the message of “Respect and Responsibility” many times this year. The intention of this is solely for your benefit, and your well-being. Asking you to have respect for yourself, your fellow students, and your neighbours, and responsibility for your own actions.

I have previously made you aware of the Student Charter, and the Code of Conduct for students at IT Sligo. As part of this Charter, there is a Disciplinary Procedure in place for any IT Sligo Student who is deemed to have brought the Institute into disrupt. The actions of a number of students in recent weeks, unfortunately has fallen into this category. The Students’ Union support the Institute in invoking this procedure, and understand that where rules are breached, and students engage in anti-social behaviour, they must be held accountable.

It is with great regret that I write such an email, but we cannot simply stand by and watch the actions of a few, undermine the rest.


James Dillon President
IT Sligo Students' Union  Ash lane, Sligo