Updated: 18/04/12 : 07:12:45
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World :: Breivik To Be Quizzed On Extremist Views

Anders Behring Breivik is due to return to the witness box at his trial in Oslo, where he will be asked to explain in greater detail how his extremist views ended in a murderous rampage.

The second day of proceedings, on Tuesday, saw him outline his political philosophy, calling himself an "ultra-nationalist" who hoped his killing spree would eventually radicalise moderate right-wingers.

He argued provoking a culture war was the only way to prevent Norwegian culture from being "deconstructed" by a "Marxist and multicultural" elite, which Breivik believes is running Norway.

Prosecutors will ask him about statements he made to the court that he met several extremists in London following a trip to Liberia in 2001.

Breivik has testified that he was acting as a commander of a "one-man cell' under the auspices of a group called the Knights Templar network.

The prosecution claims that network does not exist.

He will also be asked about the preparations for the attack on the July 22, 2011, which saw him gather weapons and materials for a uniform and a bomb as well as authoring a 1,500 page manifesto.

Thirty-three-year old Breivik's defence team say he was "happy" but "quite tired" after his day in court during which he outlined his core beliefs.

The prosecution denied the court had been "held hostage" by the rambling speech, arguing the judge was perfectly within her rights to allow a defendant to read a prepared text.

Breivik killed eight people and injured more than 200 in his first attack last July 22, which targeted Oslo's government district with a 950kg car bomb.

He then killed 69 people and injured another 33 on the island of Utoya, where the youth wing of the country's Labour Party was holding its annual summer camp.