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Free National Jobseekers Roadshow Comes to Sligo

Cpl, Ireland’s leading recruitment company, is hosting a free jobseekers information event on Friday, 27th April at the Clarion Hotel, Sligo. The event, which is in its second year following its success in 2011, is part of a Cpl Nationwide Jobseekers Roadshow, which will provide free, expert information to jobseekers on how to improve their chances of securing employment.

Welcoming the event, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD said: “Employment is this Government’s top priority, and through the ‘Action Plan for Jobs’ we are working day and night to ensure that everything possible is done to ensure that more jobs are created here. However, we must also ensure where vacancies exist, unemployed people are in the best possible position to take them up, and Government has introduced a series of measures to address this issue. I am delighted to welcome this Roadshow which will make a valuable contribution towards improving the prospects of unemployed people around the country.”

According to Peter Cosgrove, Director, Cpl, although it is a challenging time to be job seeking, up to 60% of Irish companies are recruiting and opportunities still exist for jobseekers, with particular demand for employees in sectors such as Life Sciences; Engineering; Social Media; Finance; Healthcare; IT and Gaming and for those with multilingual skills:

“Jobseekers are seeing a big decrease in jobs advertised, however, there are still opportunities available to candidates. The growth of multinationals in Ireland in particular has seen a huge demand for those with a second language. Meanwhile, the growth in Ireland’s life sciences and technology capability has increased the demand for science, IT and engineering based jobs.”

According to Peter, the key to securing a job interview, and ultimately a position, is down to five basic principles, which, although seemingly obvious, are often overlooked: Top Five Tips for Jobseekers

1) Check your CV for mistakes – then check again!

Although it is said time and time again, the number one rule of drafting a good CV is to check for errors. “Out of 1,000 CV’s analysed by Cpl Recruitment, 89% had formatting, spelling or grammatical errors,” says Peter. “Jobseekers need to treat each aspect of the recruitment process with respect and attentiveness. When you think you’ve corrected any errors in your CV – check again. Then get someone else to check for you. Remember it is not what you did that matters it is what you did well.”

2) Do your homework

On average, an applicant will send out 30 CV’s before landing a job. This can cause complacency amongst candidates who adapt a ‘one size fits all’ approach to applications

The key is to stay focused and treat each application as if it is the only one you are doing and tailor your application specifically, giving relevant examples of experience.

Use new forms of media to do your homework on the company you are applying to – find out the names of key company executives using Linkedin, do an online search to find out what recent activities they have been up to. Company websites, although helpful, are often only updated once a quarter so use other mediums such as Google news, Facebook and Twitter to get real-time information on the company.

Research fully both the position and company and make sure it is a job and company you would like to work for and only apply if it is a role you would genuinely like to fulfil. Remember, it should be ‘the’ job, not just ‘a’ job.

3) Look outside the box

According to Peter Cosgrove, over 50% of jobs are not advertised. This means that one in two jobs are filled through networking. Use all of your contacts as potential sources of information. Interviewers are always positively biased towards someone who has come recommended to them, so look at your network of friends, colleagues, relations and see how they can help influence your interview positively.

New forms of social media are also a great way of promoting yourself. Recruiters and potential employers often use social networking sites such as Linked in to find candidates.

Make sure your profile promotes you in the best light possible and don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from former colleagues and contacts.

4) Interview Techniques

According to Peter, there are four key points to remember before any interview: “Many interviewers make their decision within minutes of meeting a candidate based on four points; eye contact (or lack of it); how you have presented yourself; your handshake; and whether or not you smile. Smiling in an interview situation shows you are confident and relaxed, as well as personable.”

Always have answers prepared to inevitable questions such as “Tell me about yourself?”, or “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” Often interviewers will ask if you have any questions for them. Over 80% of candidates will not have anything prepared. Stand out from the crowd, and show your diligence, by asking questions such as: “If I was lucky enough to get this job, can you talk me through the first 3 months of the role and specifically what I would be working on?”

5) Stay Positive

“There are 1.7 million jobs in Ireland and you only need one of them,” says Peter. “Keep a positive approach and remember your attitude and personality are your biggest assets. A company can train you or improve your skills, but your attitude is all about you. Remember, it’s your will, not your skill, that will eventually get you the job you deserve.”

Cpl will be offering further advice on topics for job seekers such as how to prepare a CV; interview techniques and presentation skills at the Clarion Hotel, Sligo from 10.30 -12 pm on Friday 27th April. Admission is free. To pre-register, please visit www.cpl.ie


Please note the event takes place on Friday, 27th April at the Clarion Hotel, Sligo