Updated: 18/09/12 : 06:02:36
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Residents should not be left in dark in Rusheen Ard

RUSHEEN ARD estate should not be left in the darkness this winter just because the developer, McInerney, went into receivership some time back.

That was the clear view of Sligo Borough Council members when they discussed separate Motions at their September General Purposes meeting last night (Monday).

The issue had already been placed on the September agenda some time ago by Cllr Sean MacManus and he had requested a report to members from the executive.

Cllr Chris MacManus said they would like to ''eradicate concerns that the residents will be left in the dark.''

Meanwhile, a separate Motion was moved last night in the names of five councillors -- Mayor David Cawley, Declan Bree, Rosaleen O’Grady, Jim McGarry and Sean MacManus.

Snag List

Cllr Bree recalled that the construction company which built the Rusheen Ard housing estate is in receivership.

"I understand," he added, "that representatives of the receivers have had a number of meetings with the Council to identify outstanding works that need to be carried out on the estate.

"A snag list has been presented to the representatives of the receivers and," noted Cllr Bree, "a CCTV survey is required with regards to the waste water system in the estate."

He hoped the issues could be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction and meet planning conditions at the soonest possible time.

In the intervening period residents want the Borough Council take in charge the public lighting in the estate.  

"This would be in keeping with custom and practice," said Cllr Bree:  "I understand that the public lighting is certified and compliant with the planning permission."

Taking an Interest

Cllr Rosaleen O'Grady said there was a very good residents association in the area. Local councillors had been asked to meet them to express concern. ''It is important they are not left in darkness,'' she said.

Mayor David Cawley said it was good to see the residents association taking an interest in it.

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