Updated: 20/09/12 : 07:25:59
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Councils told to get tough on 100 Household charge

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny yesterday gave councils the go-ahead to do everything in their powers to increase the rate of payment of the household charge.

But he said councils did not have the right to deduct payments from any grants or to withhold payments.

A raft of local authorities plan to demand proof that the 100 household charge has been paid before issuing grants to the disabled and people on social welfare.

The move comes as it emerged that a number of councils are asking for proof of payment before processing third-level grant applications.

Mr Kenny defended the decision of Clare Co Council to ask college grant applicants if their families had paid the 100 charge.

The Taoiseach said councils were not entitled to withhold a portion of any grant to cover the 100 charge -- but were entitled to know who had paid the charge.

He added that the household charge had now been paid by 65pc of homeowners.

Irish Independent