Updated: 15/09/16 : 06:36:04
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EU Commission refuses to answer the €13bn question

The refusal of EU Competition Commissioner Vestager to answer a question in the European Parliament yesterday as to whether she would provide assurance that the €13 billion ‘Apple tax’ would be available for use in Ireland has been strongly criticised by her questioner Marian Harkin MEP.

She said:- “Having criticised the way in which the European Commission had dangled a €13 billion bauble in front of the Irish people, I asked her just one question - ‘could she guarantee that the €13 billion could be used by Ireland at its discretion to build hospitals, schools, houses’ etc. Despite referring to the questions and comments of virtually all other MEPs Commissioner Vestager declined to answer my question.

 “What has become increasingly clear is that the European Commission expects Ireland not only to collect the €13 billion with interest but, also, to act as assessor and distributor of the tax to countries in the EU and the USA who could claim a share. If this is the case we need to know, and it’s not good enough for the Commission to put this money in front of our noses while refusing to clarify if it will be ours to spend,” Sligo based Marian Harkin concluded.