Updated: 20/09/16 : 04:42:36
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Perry makes new 'cover up' claims against FG figures

Former minister John Perry has made new allegations of a "cover-up" by Fine Gael figures over events leading up to his High Court case against the party.   

Mr Perry wrote to party TDs and senators over the weekend claiming to have paid a "very high cost personally" as a result of the decision to initiate court proceedings over a botched selection convention in the Sligo/Leitrim constituency.

He was eventually added to the ticket after a five-day court battle that left Fine Gael saddled with a €500,000 legal bill.

However, in an extraordinary set of events, Mr Perry has alleged that a Fine Gael councillor was put under "considerable pressure" not to appear as a witness at the case in December.

The councillor in question is the current Cathaoirleach of Sligo County Council, Cllr Hubert Keaney.

Fine Gael bosses, including the party's general secretary Tom Curran, have rejected the allegations.

Mr Perry has also been accused by Fine Gael of seeking to "dredge up" matters relating to a court case that has been settled.

While Mr Perry's correspondence over the issue was initially limited to senior party figures, he has now taken to sending a blanket email to all members of the Fine Gael parliamentary party.

"There is a complete cover-up of the facts by the party. The real tragedy for the Fine Gael party is that the same people have been appointed to key roles without being held accountable," he wrote.

"I believe going forward for Fine Gael and your own career that you are fully briefed. The Fine Gael party were always the party of trust, honesty, integrity".