Updated: 22/09/16 : 06:26:58
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New 'protected structures' mooted for town of Sligo

PUBLIC CONSULTATION on an updated Development Plan for Sligo to 2023 opened yesterday, Wednesday. The first phase in the process will continue until November 30th next, Sligo County Council has confirmed.

It has emerged that there are currently almost 700 buildings and shopfronts across the county with 'Protected Structure' status.

This status governs -- and sometimes restricts -- the type of development which can be carried on at that site. 

A series of additions are mooted in Sligo town, say the Draft documents released yesterday.

Public libraries -- under threat of closure -- have been formally listed among venues to inspect copies of the Plan and related volumes.

Proposed Increase

However, the Central Library in Sligo plus branches in Ballymote and Tubbercurry all remain at risk of closure.....by the County Council.

All documents will also be available online over the next ten weeks.

Meanwhile, the new plan for the years 2017 to 2023 show a proposed increase in the number of Protected Structures.

Currently, says the County Council, there are 299 Protected Structures in Sligo,and its environs, with a further 400 throughout the county.

National Importance

The new suggests adding the former Batchelors Factory at Deep Water Quay as a site having ''national importance.''

The house and shop at Call of the Wild in Castle Street are cited as having ''regional importance.''

Other proposed additions in the draft plan are McGuinness' in High Street, Burkes Pharmacy and the nearby Rogers & Lyons building, both in Wine Street.

The disused shop formerly used by Dunnes, further over Wine Street, is also proposed as a Protected Structure.

It is described as being at the end of a terrace row of Protected Structures.

Beside Friary

Another end of terrace building is proposed to be added at Union Street, the premises currently occupied by Synergy Network. 

The vacant shop beside the Friary entrance in High Street is also proposed for inclusion in the new register.

Finally proposed for the new Record of Protected Structures is the derelict gate lodge owned by the County Council itself at Doorly Park.

This may have been built circa 1880, according to the proposal which arose from a County Council meeting.

Photographs and descriptions of all proposed amendments to the Records of Protected Structures will be available to the public. 

First Occasion

Information sessions on the Draft Development Plan itself are planned for next month.

County Council planners will also be available each Tuesday afternoon in the Town Hall to discuss the draft.

It will the first occasion on which there will not be a local Borough Council for Sligo and its Environs (SEDP).

This follows the abolition of Borough bodies across Ireland by Phil Hogan, ex Minister for the Environment and now EC Commissioner.

The final decision on the buildings to be listed as Protected Structures is ''a reserved function'' of the councillors.