Updated: 22/09/16 : 06:43:06
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Flooding fears remain for Sligo estate

The Woodlands estate in Rathbraughan, Sligo is bracing itself for more flooding problems this year and are calling for immediate remedial works to be undertaken.

Seven houses in the estate were flooded last January along with the nearby Mowlam Nursing home which had to be evacuated.

Sinn Féin Councillor Thomas Healy spoke with residents at a public meeting in Forthill community centre on Tuesday night and has identified a number of areas that need to be addressed urgently.

“Woodlands estate suffered extensive flooding last January,” stated Councillor Healy, “houses suffered widespread damage and disruption with residents having to be evacuated from their homes.

"With winter now approaching again residents are very concerned by the lack of tangible flood prevention measures in place.

"Along with the Chairperson of the Residents Association, Michael Farrell, I lobbied the Office of Public Works and they assessed the area under the Catchment Flood Risk Area Management scheme."

                            Flooding last January at Mowlam Nursing home

Cllr Healy continued, "Two areas in Sligo were identified for anti-flood works, Coolaney and Rathbraughan and we are delighted to have confirmation of this funding. However the legitimate concern from residents is the lack of a time frame, when are these works to commence and finish?”

“Repairs and insurance costs from last years flood damage were in substantially high figures. It is vital that works commence sooner rather than later.

I have arranged a meeting with the Council Director of Services on this issue and will be impressing on him the need for sandbagging, drainage and water pipes at the back of the houses to provide immediate flood protection. There is nothing to be gained by anyone,” concluded Cllr Healy, “from delaying these works and causing fear and anxiety amongst residents.”