Updated: 22/09/16 : 07:05:10
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Councillors kept in the dark by council executive says Bree

It’s time for Sligo County Council management to tell the elected representatives what is happening in relation to the Library service, Cllr Declan Bree has stated.

“Statements with very little information are being issued to the media but to date no explanation or briefing has been provided to the elected councillors. Councillors are being kept in the dark.” declared the Independent Socialist councillor.

“Last week I wrote to the Chief Executive of the Council asking if he advised the Secretary General of the Department of Local Government of the proposal to close the Sligo Central Library, when they met in Dublin on the 7th September.  I have received no response.

“I asked the Chief Executive if he sought approval from the Secretary General to fill any specific vacant library posts.  I received no response .

“I asked the Chief Executive if at any stage he made a specific submission to the Department seeking approval for the filling of vacant library positions.  I have received no response.

“I asked what portion, if any, of the additional €1 million which the Council received from the Department this year, was being used for library services.  I received no response."

Cllr Bree continued, “Surely at this stage we need openness and transparency in the local government system in Sligo. We also need accountability.

“The closure of our library services is unacceptable.  To my knowledge no other county in Ireland had to tolerate such closures.   

“Last year the IMPACT Trade Union highlighted the fact that the library service in Sligo was suffering from lack of investment and the union also pointed out that Council management had failed to ensure appropriate staffing levels over a long period of time.

“The Council management now has an obligation to the elected representatives and to the people of Sligo to explain how they allowed a situation to develop which has led to the closure of our libraries.” Cllr Bree said.