Updated: 23/09/16 : 06:22:15
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Sligo councillors unite to save library service

The ongoing threat to the provision of Sligo’s library services has resulted in a cross party resolution from County Councillors in a bid to prevent closure of the service. Sinn Féin Councillor Thomas Healy outlined the initiative taken and expressed a hope that this move may resolve the threat to library services.

“Saving our County’s library service has become a top priority for Sligo Councillors,” stated Cllr Healy. “I am delighted that Councillors from all parties have united in a bid to save our service via a special resolution to the Council under the Local Government Act 2001.

"In considering all options available to save the libraries I consulted friends and supporters and identified a Section 140 of the Act which allows Councillors to call a special meeting which can adapt a resolution preventing the CEO from utilising executive powers. As the issue is not a financial one and is pertaining to a staffing embargo the CEO has to allow this to proceed. It was very encouraging to receive the immediate and unequivocal support of Councillors I contacted for assistance.

"Following a meeting and discussion Councillors Declan Bree, Martin Baker, Dara Mulvey,  Joe Queenan and I have all signed a joint notification to the CEO calling for a special meeting.”

“It is amazing what can be achieved by unity of purpose and a focused approach. I believe that if this resolution is passed then the Council Executive will be unable to proceed with library closure. This will result in the CEO having to return to the Minister and adopt a real strategy for resolving our financial difficulties and not impose punitive and discriminatory cuts to our Council services.

"If we can prevent the Executive from closing the library it should force the Minister’s hand in at least partially lifting the embargo and may help ultimately to save other services as well as the library,"concluded Cllr Healy.

Meanwhile a briefing on a meeting held on Wednesday regarding the future of Sligo libraries between Sligo County Council CEO Ciarán Hayes and the Minister for Local Authorities Simon Coveney will be presented this afternoon to the council's Corporate Policy Group.

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