Updated: 26/09/16 : 12:02:00
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Dublin Bus strikes should be suspended says Varadkar

Leo Varadkar says the Dublin Bus strikes should be suspended while talks are underway.

Management and unions are meeting at the WRC this lunchtime to find common ground between the sides.

They have left just seven hours to see if they can make progress, otherwise the buses will stop at 9pm tonight ahead of another 48 hour work stoppage.

Social Protection Minister Leo Varadkar says drivers need to show they are willing to compromise: "We've had a number of days of strikes, they have been very disruptive for commuters and for business in Dublin.

"I think it would help with good will all round, that while talks are underway, if they are making progress than perhaps the strikes would be suspended."

Meanwhile Minister Varadkar says not every housebuyer can benefit from a planned help to buy scheme.

The budget will see up to 10,000 given to first time buyers and the package will be backdated to the middle of July when it was first announced.

But a number of TDs say they have been contacted by people who bought homes before then and are angry that they'll miss out.

Social Protection Minister Leo Varadkar says some people will always lose out in these situations:" As with any Government scheme there has to be a start date and unfortunately some people will fall behind that start date,

"We had a similar problem in my department with maternity benefit for example, as to what the start date would be and no matter when you set the date, there is always somebody who falls short by a day or a week and unfortunately there is no way of resolving that."