Updated: 26/09/16 : 12:06:58
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Carbon monoxide danger warning

Consumers are being warned of the dangers of carbon monoxide as a week of awareness about the highly poisonous gas begins in Ireland.

On average six people in Ireland die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning - yet it is estimated over 730,000 adults in the country do not own a carbon monoxide alarm.

The National Standards Authority of Ireland says some of the alarms on sale do not comply with standards.

Yvonne Wylde, Technical Standards Manager with the NSAI, is advising consumers and businesses to look out for three quality marks when purchasing a carbon monoxide alarm: "You should look out for three things on the detector, an end of life date, a C mark and the EN number 50291.

"Those three things should be on every carbon monoxide detector on the market in Ireland, on the shelves, if they aren't, don't buy it."