Updated: 29/09/16 : 07:01:59
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Trump cites O'Brien in Clinton attack

The Republican party's US presidential candidate Donald Trump has launched a fresh attack against Hillary Clinton because of her relationship with the Irish businessman Denis O'Brien.

RTÉ reports that in a lengthy email to the media, Mr Trump's campaign makes several disparaging comments about Mr O'Brien.

The press release, sent from the Trump campaign team, is headlined "Follow the Money" and details links between Hillary Clinton and her "friend" the Irish businessman.

It goes into detail of many of Mr O'Brien's business operations in Ireland including references to the awarding of the mobile phone licence to Esat Digifone and the findings of the Moriarty Tribunal - findings which Mr O'Brien continues to challenge.

It also details legal actions between Mr O'Brien and Irish media organisations.

The press release does not contain any direct quotes from Donald Trump and contains several lengthy quotations from media publications.

RTÉ has contacted Mr O'Brien's representative for comment.