Updated: 30/09/16 : 11:08:40
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Garda Commissioner accused of lying over resources

The Garda Commissioner has been accused of lying when she says the force has the resources it needs to do its job.

An open letter to Noirín O'Sullivan has been published by a member of the force - Ian Lester from the Cork Division.

He claims the Commissioner's office is compromised by its close relationship with Government and claims there is a disconnect between Garda management and members on the ground.

Rank and file officers are currently threatening to go on strike next month over their wages.

Garda Ian Lester says the lack of money in the force is frustrating: "When the question has arisen about resources, the commissioner has said we have adequate resources and that is just blatently not the case.

"I think she probably knows it herself, guards certainly get the heckles up when they hear it, because it just isn’t the case."