Updated: 30/09/16 : 16:03:16
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Yeats mural building for imminent demolition

Sligo Tidy Towns Partnership (STTP) have been informed that due to a serious deterioration in the fabric of the building and on health and safety grounds, the building on which the iconic mural of W.B. Yeats is to be demolished this weekend.

Work on the demolition is scheduled to begin at 7am tomorrow, Saturday, 1 October.

STTP have been aware for some time of this deterioration and fully respect the decision to demolish the building on health and safety grounds. Public safety is much more important than a mural which can and will be replaced.

STTP wish to thank the building’s owner for giving permission to place the mural on the building and for the generous contribution made to the cost of painting it.

Thanks also go to Sligo County Council planning staff for their cooperation in allowing the mural to be painted which has been photographed by many locals and visitors and these images will form part of the social history of Sligo.

STTP are determined to replace this iconic image and will be considering the options available for them to re-contract the artist Nick Purdy to paint the same image on another building.

It should be noted that it may not be possible to do that until the Springtime, as due to deteriorating weather and declining temperatures (the paint used will not dry if the temperature drops below 12 degrees) it may be more prudent to defer the repainting of the image of Yeats until the weather permits in the Spring.

STTPL would welcome offers of gables for consideration as new sites for this iconic image of W.B. Yeats which formed part of the Yeatsian Mile.