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Tidy Town adjudication leaves a 'so-what' whiff

By Eugene McGloin

A YOUNG woman walking her dog on a leash stepped into grass as she approached me yesterday, Friday.

Seconds earlier, I'd stepped gingerly towards the margins on the opposite side.

The dog didn't look anyway fiercesome.....and let's hope neither did I, returning from a funeral and hospital visit.

Rain Falls

Thing is the public footpath is seriously overgrown -- somewhere over 30% is lost to weeds.

It is the same widthways, all the way, as it is lengthways. 

Grass cut four months ago lies strewn on the County Council footpath.

It can be like ice to walk on right after rains falls, even in summer.

In the darkness of winter the unkempt nature of it all makes it a lottery.

It also makes a laughing stock of so-called health and safety concerns.

In 2016, at least one person -- who has been seriously ill with cancer -- took a daytime fall on the footpath described.

Nor have its main health and safety hazards been outlined here.

Tatty Wall

You can imagine then my chagrin to read the 2016 Tidy Town adjudication for Sligo town.

On that woman's walk with her dog yesterday evening she might have seen some of those serious hazards which the cancer sufferer faced.

The young woman with her dog would have also probably passed a wall with loose stonework.

The stonework is heavy enough to maim or maybe kill a child, adult or animal. The wall is publicly owned.

On the other side of town, ironically a wall was described in the 2016 Tidy Towns adjudication as ''tatty'' and maybe needing capping. 

Indeed, Duck Street and parts of the St Johns Terrace frontage onto it got a thumbs-down from national Tidy Towns this year.

I would not support that view, not since many local voluntary community clean-up organisations seldom get any public largesse any longer.

Sligo County Council displaced that money and another voluntary group, local Tidy Towns, now receives some of that pot.

Local community based voluntary groups 'lost' the money because they could not deliver certain levels of (safety) insurance and indemnities.

Harry Belafonte's ''Hole In The Bucket'' saga, if ever there was a good example seen in Sligo.

1916 Leader

The new newsletter from Sligo MEP Marian Harkin reminds us that Sligo will be the Volunteer Capital of Europe in 2017.

It would be nice to see all those volunteers who got pittances of public funds to support their clean-ups in their own communities get this cash restored in 2017.

For this historic year of 2016 -- where I live was named in honour of a 1916 participant -- the national Tidy Towns summary of my area left a 'so-what' whiff.

Meanwhile, some other parts of Sligo named after 1916 participants always seem to be having footpaths dug and upgraded. Check yourself, today.

Bog Boogie

Oh, the adverts: I see uglier adverts in (permanent) public places in Sligo than the ''boogie in the bog,'' rapped in the 2016 adjudication.

Did nobody tell Tidy Towns that the 'boogie' and the 'mojo' are both elements of sophisticated music.