Updated: 04/10/16 : 05:31:23
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Sligo's Rescue 118 airlifts diver with 'bends'

A diver is being treated at a specialist hospital unit after suffering compression sickness off the Co Donegal coast.    

The man was airlifted by a Coast Guard rescue helicopter from a boat off the coast of Fanad Head.

He was rushed to Craigavon, Co Armagh, to be treated for the illness commonly known as 'the bends'.

The experienced diver is said to be making a good recovery after the incident.

A Coast Guard spokesman said the alarm was raised around 3.30pm on Sunday and the Sligo 118 helicopter rushed to the scene.

The diver was among a group who were diving off the wreck of HMS Audacious.

The war ship was sunk by a German mine off the Co Donegal coast in October 1914.