Updated: 04/10/16 : 06:21:14
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Kenny opponents lesson on changing keepers

By Eugene McGloin

ENDA KENNY must surely be pleased with the message to be learned from Mayo's (latest) defeat in Croke Park.

Huh? Pleased? Like, faced with a replay don't change the goalkeeper too hastily. That message.

Replay? Like, we had a general election eight months ago and the smart money is we will have another inside another eight months but.....

But the message from the weekend surely is, well, do nothing hasty.

The small brigade of Blueshirts who want a change of net minder long before any election replay should stop and study.

Thing is, there was a SECOND message to be learned from the weekend caper in Croker.

Which is that the best goalkeeper for the replay might get on the field and get a chance to shine, without either being in the script.

Leo, Simon, Paschal, Frances -- one of them getting on the field and getting their chance to shine if only they bide their time. Hmmm.

The weekend calamity at Croker evokes several precedents in other parties besides Fine Gael.

Labour instated 'Joan The Moan' in place of Eamon Gilmore.

She led her team to the gates of Oblivion, her handling of the ball was between unsure and poor.

Fianna Fáil changed its guardians of the goal overnight when replacing Jack Lynch with Charles Haughey. 

The FF team never won a match outright in all the subsequent onfield activity.

The match results got even worse when Haughey was dropped and replaced by Albert Reynolds.