Updated: 04/10/16 : 06:33:13
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Sligo's MEP warns of critical time over Brexit

Sligo based Independent MEP Marian Harkin, speaking in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, responded to British Prime Minister Teresa May’s declaration that they themselves would be in control immigration and pass their own laws.

She said: “Now we’re beginning the process of raising awareness of the implications for Ireland.  There was always a contradiction at the heart of the argument that said ‘we will control our borders while keeping access to the single market.

"Those lies were laid bare by Teresa May last weekend.  There were no weasel words from Mrs May, she laid it on the line when she said ‘We will decide for ourselves how we control immigration and we will be free to pass our own laws ourselves’.

“The most important word in all of that is ‘ourselves’.  There is no attempt at negotiation, no soft Brexit, the parameters are set.

“This has the potential to be catastrophic for Ireland in many ways but particularly for some of our indigenous industries, including the agri food sector.  By comparison, 7% of German exports go to the UK, 17% of Irish exports go to the UK.

“We are entering a critical time - the British will be hard nosed in the negotiations and we in Ireland must move swiftly and sure footedly to protect our interests”, the Independent MEP concluded.

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