Updated: 06/10/16 : 06:28:01
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SF tax proposals threaten essential tourism industry says Sligo TD

Fianna Fáil TD for Sligo-Leitrim Marc Mac Sharry says the tax measures proposed by Sinn Féin as part of its pre-Budget submission will seriously harm the tourism industry in the North West.

Deputy Mac Sharry commented, “Tourism is vital to the North West, and is one of the few sectors which has been improving over the past number of years.  However Sinn Féin’s proposal to increase VAT on hotel rooms would be devastating to this region, which depends so heavily on tourism industry.  This measure has the potential to undo the progress that has been made and cost jobs”.

The party also wants to introduce a new 15.75% rate of Employers PRSI on a portion of salary in excess of €100,000.

“The North West has been deprived of investment over the past number of years, and now when opportunities to attract high skilled, well paid jobs, presents itself, Sinn Féin appears determined to scare off these companies with their high tax strategy.  This will do nothing to encourage companies to come to this region and in fact has the potential to threaten existing jobs.

“Ireland needs to be making itself more competitive so that it can secure new investment opportunities and jobs.  Nowhere is that more important than here in the North West.  However Sinn Féin appears determined to thwart any progress that has been made with its regressive and punitive tax proposals.

“Unlike Sinn Féin and its anti-jobs strategy, Fianna Fáil is a pro-enterprise party, which has developed incentives to attract FDI companies as well as ensuring that small and medium businesses have the supports they need to expand and grow”, concluded Deputy Mac Sharry.