Updated: 11/10/16 : 11:58:14
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Fags to rise by 50cent per 20 pack

There is expected to be a 50 cent hike in the price of cigarettes, bringing the standard price of a packet of 20 to €11., after today's Budget announcement.

The Health Minister Simon Harris welcomed the move, saying: "As minister for Health and indeed the Department of Health, we do believe there is significant linkage between price and consumption in terms of cigarettes.

"Obviously, matters relating to taxation are matters for the minister in the budget, but that's something that the Minister for Health, this one and previous ministers, welcome."

Minister of State for Disability Issues Finian McGrath has said that he will just have to deal with the increase.

"On that particular issue, I'm just going to have to take a hit and bite my tongue," he said.

"But no, I've no big issue [with the increase].

"Listen, if we can use the extra few cents in relation to the cigarettes so be it, we use it on the health services or disability services."