Updated: 12/10/16 : 06:45:53
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Harkin briefs key Brexit negotiator

Former Belgian Prime Minister and lead negotiator for the European Parliament on Brexit, Guy Verhofstadt, met with Independent MEP Marian Harkin to discuss matters relating to the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland in the context of a British withdrawal from the EU.  

At the meeting yesterday, Tuesday, in Brussels, Marian Harkin impressed strongly on Mr. Verhofstadt the huge adverse effect which a hard border would have on the Republic’s economy and the common travel area as well as the implications for the ongoing peace process.

She said: “The implications of a hard border would be catastrophic for the border area and I was very encouraged by this meeting and the real understanding that Guy Verhofstadt has of the Irish situation. I look forward to welcoming him to Ireland for discussion and meetings which will inform  his perspective on this crucial matter.”

“In the meantime, I will continue to work on this issue with Mr Verhofstadt who is the President of my group, ALDE, in the European Parliament”, Marian Harkin concluded.