Updated: 12/10/16 : 06:55:28
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Irish workers underwhelmed by Budget - IrishJobs.ie survey

A survey by IrishJobs.ie has revealed that Irish workers don’t believe Budget 2017 will benefit them in any way.

Following the Budget 2017 presentation by Minister Michael Noonan, Irish recruitment website IrishJobs.ie conducted a snap survey of over 1,042 Irish job seekers to gauge their reactions.

In short, Irish job seekers felt largely underwhelmed by the budget predicting that it would not benefit them in any tangible way.  In fact, 51% of those surveyed reported no benefit from the budget, with a further 63% saying it would not impact their spending this Christmas following the delivery of the budget.

Childcare Subsidy Welcome

When asked what they saw was positive, about Budget 2017, 50% welcomed the new €900 childcare subsidy which they felt would be a big help to Irish working families, although 24% said that the allowance wasn’t significant enough.  

Overall nearly half (46%) of those surveyed said the budget would have no impact on their job prospects or improve their chances of getting a job.

Orla Moran, General Manager of IrishJobs.ie said, “The budget holds some beneficial changes for Irish workers, particularly in the changes to the lower USC rates by a half a percent.  With over 10,000 jobs available on IrishJobs.ie we especially welcome the new universal childcare subsidy which will support more people into the workforce by ameliorating the significant cost of childcare.

"It is also positive that Ireland is standing firm on Corporation tax, which will make us attractive to companies in the UK seeking to relocate post Brexit.  Minister Noonan highlighted how the jobs outlook has improved which we would echo. Our latest index outlines how overall job vacancies are up 8% year-on-year while job vacancies are up 4% quarter-on-quarter. “