Updated: 13/10/16 : 05:57:05
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Sligo supermarkets lock horns.....maybe not

TWO SUPERMARKET giants will lock horns over plans for the foodstore trade in Sligo.

Lidl's local plans are also replicated in almost 30 other locations across Ireland.

Tesco is having none of it -- without a fight anyway -- and has lodged appeals with An Bord Pleanala.


Now, St Valentine's Day next year has been offered as D-Day, decision(s) day, by the statutory planning appeals authority. 

Details were published by An Bord Pleanala in its weekly online update last night, Wednesday.

But there the first BIG problem begins, the Pleanala website offers no addresses for any of the developments except in Offaly. See screengrab below

Last night's Pleanala website also listed the same planning file number for Sligo as for Offaly.

But a random check of the Sligo County Council site early this morning, Thursday, failed to find any proposal by Lidl for that reference number.

Two dozen proposals have identical details, suggests the Pleanala  website -- Lidl the developer and Tesco have lodged the appeals.

No address is given for the Sligo site in the Pleanala update last night.

In addition to foodstore facilities, Lidl is also said to be seeking permission for off-licences.

The wording by Lidl for Sligo is the exact same as listed for every other development, according to Pleanala.

Successful Appeals

Earlier this year, successful appeals by Tesco halted planned Aldi and Lidl developments in Cork, Dublin, Kildare and Cavan.

But Lidl beat down a Tesco appeal at another Dublin location in the inner north of the county.