Updated: 17/10/16 : 04:12:20
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Sligo gateway to famous getaway places

By Eugene McGloin

SLIGO HAS become a formal gateway to some of the most famous getaway places on the planet.

High above the town throughout the weekend, but clearly audible, was a fleet of airliners heading all over the world.

Most interesting of all on Saturday morning was the sixteen years old jet screaming above Sligo for Cuba.

That destination hasn't come up too often before as a direct-flight but the Airberlin jet was heading for Havana. See screenshot.

It took that jet just half an hour to get to Sligo from its take off -- nine minutes late -- in Duesseldorf.

Key Roles

Both Pope Francis and Barack Obama have played key roles in bringing Cuba in from the cold, in political and diplomatic terms.

However, those headed for Havana, via Sligo town, on Saturday morning found little cold, with temperatures in excess of thirty degrees Celsius on their arrival.

Wagon Wheel

The skies over Sligo were awash again on Sunday morning with a plethora of prized destinations.

Those included Miami, Montreal, New York, Washington and Atlanta.

There was even a flight above us heading from Paris to Raleigh, the North Carolina city named by Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan in his song ''Wagon Wheel.''

Meanwhile, a Lufthansa Airbus belted at 500 knots per hour high over Sligo town at 10am Sunday morning.

That jet was on a 5,000 miles trip from Frankfurt to Houston, Texas -- well known for its role in space missions.

Seven jets -- all audible -- passed over Sligo town in the next ninety minutes yesterday, Sunday.

The Plane Finder app identified those airlines as having included Air Canada, Delta and Aer Lingus. 

The app actually allows you to identify significant details about each plane as it flies overhead -- age, manufacturer, seat numbers, wind speeds, altitude, call signs.