Updated: 17/10/16 : 07:10:03
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Mayor praises mediation process as a means of settling disputes

Mediation is a fantastic resource for people who have a disagreement they want to resolve but don’t know how to do it, said Mayor of Sligo Marie Casserly on Friday when she attended public information day by Sligo Community Mediation Service. 

The event was part of National Mediation Awareness Week held under the auspices of the Mediators Institute of Ireland

Mediation is a voluntary process in which parties in a dispute meet with a trained mediator who is neutral and impartial and helps them come to an agreed solution. Where agreements are reached jointly they are likely to last and often result in better relationships. Mediation can help relieve the stress that disputes can cause.

Sligo Community Mediation Service has been in operation in Sligo for a number of years and is staffed by accredited voluntary mediators.

The Service is totally confidential. All are welcome to make inquiries by phoning 087 7542660 Mon-Fri or by emailing sligocommunitymediation@gmail.com

Disputes can arise in any organisation or community and often through misunderstanding. Mediation is a wonderful way of having every party’s point of view heard and respected, Mayor Casserly said.