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Sligo Chamber of Commerce & Industry Survey: SICAP

This survey  Sligo Chamber of Commerce & Industry Survey: SICAP has been prepared by Sligo Chamber of Commerce & Industry in conjunction with Sligo LEADER Partnership Company (SLPC) to gauge member workforce growth & vacancy plans to 2018 and the demand potential of enterprises in Sligo to take on persons (service users) who are registered with and supported by SPLC under SICAP - The Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme.

In the recent Training Needs Analysis Survey conducted with members as part of the Sligo Chamber Skillnet application for Skillnets funding for 2017, 47.2% of survey respondents expressed "Yes, we would participate in an initiative that provides Jobseekers the opportunities to gain valuable employability skills which meet our expectations" and 52.8% expressed they "would like to know more" about Jobseekers and their Workforce.


SICAP is a Department of Environment, Community & Local Government nationwide initiative which is "aimed at reducing disadvantage and poverty in Ireland". The programme is administered locally in Co. Sligo  by SPLC. SICAP is designed in such a way that the SLPC SICAP team can identify motivated jobseekers and facilitate where possible appropriate skills development and trainings based on enterprise demand.

The Department of Social Protection JobsPlus initiative  can apply in the case of SICAP providing for grants of up to Ä10'000 to be paid to enterprises who recruit SICAP service users.

Sligo Chamber of Commerce & Industry is currently engaging with SICAP and Sligo Leader Partnership Company in order to explore opportunities for members  to employ SICAP service users such as the unemployed, underemployed and other disadvantaged persons who possess employability skills which meet you our members expectations.

Please complete the below survey which should only take you 5-10 minutes, thank you and every continued success.

Sligo Chamber of Commerce & Industry Survey: SICAP