Updated: 28/10/16 : 05:29:40
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Half million house aid for old, disabled

IN EXCESS of half a million euro has been spent in Sligo this year on grant supports for older and infirm people.

A total of 128 individuals across the county have received grant support in 2016, the Dail learned on Wednesday.

Environment Minister Simon Coveney also said it was his intention to increase the level of grant aid in councils in 2017.

Meanwhile, total support of €517,197 has been allocated in Sligo so far this year by the Minister's Department.

The bulk of this grant support was given on grants for housing adaptations for older people, Dail statistics show.

Total Sligo grants in that category were among the highest in the State.

Got Approval

MInister Coveney confirmed that 93 grant applications under that heading got approval for €367,339 this year.

Households receive 80% of the grant from central government, with authorities such as Sligo County Council adding 20% from their own local resources.

Meanwhile, 19 applications to support housing adaptations for Sligo people with disability got approved aid of €103,154.

Sixteen (16) grants to support the provision of mobility aids allocated €46,704 in Sligo in 2016, Minister Coveney confirmed on Wednesday.

Link: https://www.kildarestreet.com/wrans/?id=2016-10-26a.195&s=Sligo#g197.r