Updated: 28/10/16 : 05:48:51
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Sligo White House hopeful in plane scare

MIKE PENCE almost came a cropper as his election plane skidded on landing early today, Friday.

The grandson of a south Sligo emigrant, Governor Pence is running for the White House as Vice President choice of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

This morning's incident shortly before 1am saw Pence's plane -- with 37 passengers -- have a hard landing and then skid at LaGuardia Airport in New York.

Airport Closed

An ABC reporter on the flight noted damage to the tarmac.

The airport was later closed to all flights for a period. None of the 37 passengers were injured.

The politicians press aides praised flight staff and said there were no injuries.

''The Governor is obviously heading to end the evening and he'll be back out on the campaign trail tomorrow," the spokesperson said.

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