Updated: 31/10/16 : 08:15:51
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Call to name Sligo street after Stoker

BRAM STOKER should be honoured with a Sligo street named after him.

This Halloween weekend local man Gary Smylie has canvassed his idea on Facebook

The Dublin born creator of ''Dracula'' drew some of his inspiration from real-life events during Sligo's 19th century cholera epidemic.

Stoker's grandmother Matilda Thornley is buried in the graveyard at John Street.

She was a Church of Ireland parishioner at St John's Cathedral.

Stoker's mother Charlotte witnessed the worst of the 1832 cholera in Sligo where she grew up.

Buried Alive

Some of her stories to her infant Abraham 'Bram' Stoker may have inspired images in his world-famed horror classic.

A total of 1,500 people died in that local outbreak, some of them buried alive, such was the haste to dispose of Sligo's dead and diseased.

Lighted tar barrels, salt and acid were used to try and fumigate Sligo's streets at night during the cholera.

A cousin of Stoker may also have been a teenage victim of that cholera epidemic and he, too, is buried in Sligo town.

Masochist, Transgender

Meanwhile, a different theory is suggested in a new book which is reviewed in the New York Times today, Sunday.

Author David Skal suggests that Stoker was a masochist with “a strongly transgender perspective” muffled by the conventions of his age. 

Skal has been studying Stoker since 1990 and his new 652 page work is titled ''Something in the Blood.''

Stoker, says Skal, was given to hero worship; his life was filled with intense friendships with charismatic men, including the writer Walt Whitman.