Updated: 03/11/16 : 12:12:02
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GRA asks several Garda units to report for duty tomorrow

The Garda Representative Association (GRA) has asked members in several units not to take part in any industrial action on Friday.

It says this in order to support operational need.

"This will ensure a skeletal service to protect the security of the State, prevent and detect serious crime and preserve vital evidence."

Members of the following units or specialist roles are "respectfully asked" to respond positively to requests by management to fulfil or provide cover for their usual roles:

    Emergency Response Unit [ERU]
    Regional Support Units [RSU]
    Garda Technical Bureau [Mapping, Fingerprints, Ballistics and Photographic Sections]
    Critical Incident/Major Emergency response capabilities
    Communications Rooms
    Protection & Escort Personnel/Units
    National Surveillance Unit
    Static Protection Posts
    Special Detective Unit
    Intelligence Sections
    Witness Security Programme Unit
    VIP protection
    Garda Drugs Organised Crime Bureau
    Special Dedicated Embassy Patrols
    Immigration Units
    Forensic Collision Investigators
    Attend to prosecutions in court
    Student and Probationer Gardaí

It says that the ongoing security of the State, protection of life and the gathering of evidence by these units is paramount and must not be compromised.

GRA General-Secretary Pat Ennis said: "The government failed to make effective contingency plans despite five weeks’ warning of withdrawal of services by gardaí.

"The recent negotiation process was unnecessarily protracted. The GRA has engaged throughout in a responsible problem-solving manner. This government has perilously gambled with public safety in its treatment of our members.

"History shows that gardaí put their lives on the line to protect the public. To this end, we are doing everything we can to ensure that the risk to the public is contained and minimised".