Updated: 04/11/16 : 05:48:40
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Christmas decision for build plan at 'Nazareth'

FOUR DAYS before Christmas -- that's the target date for a planning decision on a proposed major upgrade at Nazareth House.

'The Nazareth' building itself has the status of a Protected Structure, with regional significance.

Old Building

But the Health Service Executive (HSE) wishes to push ahead with a big build at its current 70-bed facility on the site.

In addition to a proposed new three storey extension at the rear of 'the Nazareth' there would also be 251 car parking spaces.

Internal changes in the old building would see the demolition of several stairways and their replacement.

Sligo County Council received the HSE's planning request last Thursday, online files confirm.

Trees Removal

The plan, costing several million euro, would see a number of stores and a conservatory demolished during the proposed upgrade.

The HSE has also indicated that its plan includes the removal of 22 trees at 'the Nazareth.'

There would be a planting of 78 ''new trees'' and signage for the health facility, say documents in the planning file.

A former orphanage, 'the Nazareth' is now a nursing and convalescence home.

It was first built in 1921 with the north-west wing added in 1956, says the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage.