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Sligo will have its man in the White House

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

SLIGO WILL have its own man in the White House from January 2017 after all.

That seems the likely 
outcome of the seesaw election for 45th President and Vice President of the United States yesterday, Tuesday.

Utah's six votes were called for Trump in the key Electoral College vote at 6.10am by CNN. An amazing story then read  Trump 244,  Clinton 215, with 270 needed for victory.

Victory, then, creeping up on Donald Trump and Mike Pence, his Republican running mate, inching him ahead of Hillary Clinton's bid for a place in history.

Pence is the grandson of a 1923 emigrant from Tubbercurry in south Sligo. See link below.

Trump personally picked Mike Pence last July ahead of a high-powered political list and then announced his choice by Tweet.

The likely outcome will rank one of the major shocks on the world political stage in recent times.

Not since 1948 have Americans retired to bed thinking they had elected one President, only to wake up and find a different final result.

Early Invite

That is still possible in the tightest race since the Bush/Gore ''hanging chads'' recount contest in 2000.

Victory for the Republicans would mean an inevitable early invitation from Sligo County Council for Mike Pence to make an official visit back to his roots.

A (predictable) results pattern seemed to emerge as early as 1am Irish time when Hillary Clinton took leads in counts in progress for Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.

It was still too early to make projections, cautioned cable channel CNN.

But the station said if those results stood up in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina ''it is game over for the Republicans.'' If.....

The early Electoral College vote line-up at 1am underlined that message: Hillary Clinton 68 votes, Donald Trump 48 votes.

Half an hour later, Clinton stayed at 68 while the Trump climbed to 66 votes.

Home Turf

By 2am it was Clinton who climbed to 97 votes with a win on her home turf of New York, to 84 votes projected for Trump.

However, within 12 minutes Trump -- boosted by Texas -- surged ahead, to have 128 votes, to 97 for Clinton.

At 3am the Electoral College looked like Trump 139 votes with 104 for Clinton.

Trump also headed the popular vote by a margin of over one million at 3am.

By 3.30am CNN called Trump having 167 votes, with Clinton at 109.

The BBC almost immediately called the Virginia seesaw struggle for Hillary Clinton.....and 122 Electoral College votes.

Polls closed at 4am Irish time and projections by CNN altered the landscape when it included 55 votes from California for a Clinton win there.

The Electoral College at 4am put Clinton on 190 votes, with Trump on 171 votes.

However, within eight minutes CNN called North Carolina -- ''a huge win'' -- for Donald Trump.

The Electoral College tightened to 190 for Clinton and 186 votes for Trump.

At 4.20am CNN projected a Clinton win in Oregon, giving her 197 votes to 187 for Trump. 

The big, big projection came at 4.35am when CNN called Florida in favour of Trump.

This adjusted the Electoral College vote to put Trump back in the lead with 216 votes, against 197 for Clinton.

Nail Biting

The real nail-biting began in earnest when CNN called Washington for Hillary Clinton.

By 4.45am Irish time the Electoral College then stood at 216 votes for Trump, with 209 votes for Clinton.

The prospect of the next Presidency being decided by less than half a dozen votes began to loom large.

By 4.49am Trump added SIXTEEN more votes when CNN projected Georgia in his favour.

That total of 232 pushed him and Mike Pence within smelling distance of the finishing line.

Inched Closer

The Trump vote was buoyed and boosted across America by a white working class vote for Republicans....the very vote Democrats should usually mop up.

Trump inched closer to the White House at 5.09am Irish time when Iowa and its six Electoral College votes moved into his column, giving him 238 votes. 

Clinton clawed back six votes, to give her 215 votes, when CNN called Nevada for,her at 5.33am Irish time -- an even more nail-biting finish. 

The first candidate to reach 270 votes in the College officially wins the election.

Official Visit

Meanwhile, the name of Mike Pence officially appeared on the ballot yesterday. 

Indeed in some US States disgruntled Republicans wrote in the name of Mike Pence as their choice for President, cable channel CNN reported.

Victory for the Republicans would mean an inevitable early invitation from Sligo County Council for Mike Pence to make an official visit back to his roots.

Ironically, the Trump/Pence team would not be popular in Ireland, a test of public opinion confirmed.

An online poll in yesterday's Irish Independent showed a 3-1 preference for Hillary Clinton.

At 7.35am Hilary Clinton telephoned Donald Trump to concede.

Mike Pence has at 7.40am announced that Trump is the President elect of the United States.

Link: See Sligo Today 15/7/2016 and 16/7/2016.