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Pence links with Sligo traced by researcher

FURTHER DETAILS have emerged on the Sligo family roots of America's new Vice President, Mike Pence.

Tubbercurry Chamber of Commerce, meanwhile, plans to immediately invite America's 'No 2' back to his home place.

His grandfather left Sligo, aged 20, in 1923 and eventually up working as a bus driver in Chicago.

He sailed to America aboard the ''Andania'' on April 11th 1923.

Passenger records unearthed by a researcher show that ship left Liverpool, writes Greg Harkin in The Irish Independent.

The research was carried out by New York native, Robert Theiss from Arlington, Virginia.

He holds a postgraduate in history and has a strong interest in genealogy.

Said Theiss: “Passenger arrival records show Richard Cawley, aged 20, a miner, arriving in New York on April 11, 1923, on a ship called the Andania, which had set sail from Liverpool.

“The passenger arrival record shows Richard Cawley’s place of birth as Doocastle.

''The passenger arrival record shows his last place of residence as having been Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancs., England.”

Locals Delighted

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Commerce in Tubbercurry believes Donald Trump’s running mate could himself end up in the top job in as little as four years’ time.

The Chamber of Commerce in Tubbercurry believes Donald Trump’s running mate could himself end up in the top job in as little as four years’ time.

“Local people are delighted,” said chamber spokesman Roger McCarrick.

“We will be writing to him officially to invite him to the home of his ancestors.

''Regardless of policies he is still an ex-Tubbercurry man as far as we are concerned.

“There has been a sense of pride that a descendant of here could apire to such high office.

''He has been Governor of Indiana since 2013 and,'' said Mr McCarrick, ''It's possible he could run for President in four or eight years’ time.

''He could be on the biggest political stage of all for the next 16 years.”

Ellis Island

Governor Pence’s grandfather was Richard Michael Cawley, who emigrated in 1923 to Chicago where he became a bus driver.

He is believed to have hailed from the Doocastle area outside Tubbercurry.

Pence has spoken in the past on how his views on immigration were shaped by his grandfather’s entry from Ireland through Ellis Island in 1923.

The Irish granddad of the new White House Vice President died on Christmas Eve 1980. He was 77. Mike Pence was 21 at the time.

Richard Cawley’s wife, was Mary Elizabeth Maloney. She was born on March 22, 1907, in Chicago, Illinois.

She died in Chicago on November 1, 1980, aged 73, just weeks before her husband Richard died.

Research shows she was the daughter of Irish immigrants.

Her father, James Michael Maloney, was born on February 1, 1872, in Killaloe, Co. Clare.

Her mother, Mary Anne Downes, was born on July 16, 1880, in Doonbeg, Co. Clare.

James died in Chicago on October 10, 1916, aged 44. Mary Anne died in Chicago on December 23, 1955, aged 75.

Mike Pence and his family visited Ireland three years ago going to Co. Clare and Co. Sligo.

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