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'Transition' still only show in Trump-Town

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

TOMMIE GORMAN had a memorable phrase which comes to mind after the triumph of Trump.

The RTE man once spoke of a time when people are ''in the market for kindness.''

We are there now.....in a mutual manner. Meaning, Trump is (already) reaching out and so are we, certainly should be, reaching out, too, for some kind of kindness.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has played a blinder in the first 48 hours.

He has moved ahead; he has put the mealy-mouthed -- at home, abroad and even in America itself -- in their individual perspectives.

Key Role

'Transition' is the name of the process already under way. 

We need to be spontaneous.....without being too spontaneous, a faulty Trump trait. 

How we all handle this could be a game changer for better or worse.

Up North, Ian Paisley has been expansive and generous in his welcome for a Trump Presidency.

The front page of Thursday's Financial Times (FT) made plain that Vice President Mike Pence will have a ''key role'' in the transition process.

Indeed, shaping the President's team inside the White House from late January 2017 may well be delegated to Pence, an experienced senior politician.

The FT additionally reported on its front page that Pence may also be the linchpin between the Presidency itself and government in the House of Congress.

One Voice

Sligo needs to speak with one voice (preferably) in pursuing contacts with Pence, the grandson of Tubbercurry immigrants into the United States.

Locally, we need to have clearly defined goals and objectives. 

How do we respond if American industry, at local or national level, 'migrates' to the homeland because of the type of tax incentive offered?

Remember, Ireland may shortly be 'at war' with European on the very same issue -- OUR tax incentives to American industry and jobs. 

That all,said, there is a clear prospect for Ireland to input its voice and -- in the words this week of Ian Paisley -- ''box above its weight.''

Paisley didn't necessarily have the 'south' in mind in his remarks on BBC last night, Thursday.....but he didn't exclude us either.

'Transition' is something Ireland has a good name for, and deservedly so.

Think Taoiseach WT Cosgrave when Dev and Fianna Fáil (finally) entered the Dail in 1927.

Think more recently of Sinn Féin coming into parliamentary roles at both Stormont and Dáil Éireann.

Flawed Transition

On the other hand, poor forward planning and pathetic lines of communication can leave ghosts in the machine for years and even decades afterwards.

Think of the (still) flawed 'transition' in the south, thirteen years on, to the Health Service Executive (HSE) from the previous Health Boards.

Whatever Trump  may have said this year that offended people was NOTHING as awful as that HSE document last month.

The one which looked upon public patients in hospital beds as potential ''trespassers.''

Outside Tent

Thankfully, the world is full of good examples of 'transition' which works well.

Think of the work put in by Chris Patten's team in Hong Kong two decades ago.

The Taoiseach's department may need a 'super junior' Minister working on the 'twins' of Trump transition and Britain's withdrawal from Europe.

It is us, here in Ireland, who will have to graft to achieve what Obama said: ''Is Feidir Linn - Yes, We Can.''

Otherwise, in that iconic image created by another ex President (Lyndon Johnson): We will be outside the tent pissin' in, when we need to be inside, pissin' out.

Comedy Sketch

Speaking of Johnson recalls possibly the only comedy sketch ever done on the subject of 'transition.'

The late comedian David Frye did a must-hear sketch which had the Johnsons safely in bed in the White House when the Nixons came calling, late at night, to check their new abode.

Meanwhile, let us stay in the marketplace for kindness. We will need to get -- and give -- lots of it in 2017.

Link: See Sligo Today 10/11/2016.