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Lissadell star Leonard Cohen dies, aged 82

Special Report

LEONARD COHEN, who did a legendary open air concert in Lissadell six years ago, has died.

His death was publicly confirmed in a short announcement on his official Facebook page last night.

''It is with profound sorrow we report that legendary poet, songwriter and artist, Leonard Cohen has passed away. 

''We have lost one of music’s most revered and prolific visionaries,” the post said.

Fifty Years

The Lissadell concert in July 2010 was part of a gruelling worldwide tour.

During his Sligo visit Cohen visited the grave of WB Yeats at Drumcliffe and signed the visitors book.

Yeats and Lorca were the two poets always cited by Cohen throughout his lengthy career.

While on stage at Lissadell Cohen repeated lines by Yeats about one of his trips to visit Madame Markievicz and her sister Eva Gore-Booth. 

He quoted: “Two girls in silk kimonos, both beautiful, one a gazelle.”

Cohen told the Lissadell audience that he had learnt those lines 50 years ago in his hometown Montreal in Quebec.

Later while singing “Hallelujah'' at Lissadell, Cohen said:  “I've told the truth, I did not come to the Yeats County to fool you.''

Not Released

Most people regard ''Hallelujah'' as Cohen's greatest composition but he may have had a different view himself.

He was once asked by British magazine 'Q' which of all the songs in the world, if he could choose one, would he wish to have written.

He choose ''If It Be Your Will'' -- his own song from the same 1984 disc as ''Hallelujah.''

Amazingly, that disc was not released by his record label in America.

He memorably performed the song ''If It Be Your Will'' with the Webb Sisters, Hattie and Charley, at his Lissadell concert on July 31st 2010.

But it always ''Hallelujah'' which came top of listeners and fans lists, including in a poll by Rolling Stone magazine in the United States. See list below.

Pain, Discomfort

His son Adam Cohen produced his fourteenth and final CD recently.

''This old man, who was truly in pain and discomfort, would at some intervals get out of his medical chair and dance in front of his speakers,” he said. 

“And sometimes,'' said Adam, ''we would put on a song and listen to it on repeat just like teenagers, with the help of medical marijuana.''

Link: Lissadell show excerpt: https://youtu.be/aGsgVyObffA

Link: Readers of Rolling Stone magazine pick ten best Leonard Cohen songs.