Updated: 11/11/16 : 11:34:30
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Sligo hunger striker 'faces death if deported'

A man on hunger strike in Sligo is facing the prospect of being killed by his own Government if he is deported.

Thatís the belief of his roommate in Globe House.

Ocean FM reports that the Iranian international has been on hunger strike for more than 30 days in protest at government plans to send him to the UK where he will be deported back to Iran.

A demonstration took place outside of the asylum center in Sligo last night, Thursday and around 50 people showed up despite the cold weather to show their support.

His roommate Ahmed told Ocean FM the man is wanted by the government in Iran where his wife and children are still living.

Speaking outside Globe House Ahmed said he believes doctors are waiting for the chance to give him treatment.

The man's identity has not been revealed.