Updated: 12/11/16 : 06:19:25
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Pence named as transition chief by Trump

MIKE PENCE was named as his transition team chief by United States President-elect Donald Trump yesterday.

The grandson of a Sligo emigrant, Pence will also become Vice-President in January.

Yesterday's decision, said the ABC television network, ''amounts to a demotion'' for New Jersey  governor Chris Christie.

He had headed up the transition team for the past few months.

However, Pence's new post had been predicted in Thursday's Financial Times (FT). See link.

''One longstanding Trump ally predicted that Mr Pence would be 'a very powerful' Vice-President,'' said the FT.

Yesterday, Trump said Pence would "build on the initial work" done by Christie.

"Together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding this nation - specifically jobs, security and opportunity," Trump added.

Link: See Sligo Today 11/11/2016.