Updated: 12/11/16 : 06:25:11
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Marina for glamping village, Tubridy told on telly

MINI MARINA -- that's David McGowan's next plan for glamping village in Enniscrone.

He takes delivery of yachts for this phase early next week, he said yesterday.

The idea was offered to him by a French woman who was impressed with his bringing of the Boeing from Shannon to Enniscrone.

McGowan revealed his latest ideas as a guest on RTÉ's ''Late Late Show'' last night, Friday.

Supportive Audience

He enthralled host Ryan Tubridy and a supportive audience as he related progress so far at the glamping site in Enniscrone.

Attractions at the holiday venue will include the Boeing, a London train, a fleet of London taxis and now the yachts in the mini marina.

All will be fitted with sleeping accommodation, the funeral director and embalmer related to RTÉ.