Updated: 15/11/16 : 05:01:11
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Deport threat 'lifted' in hunger strike at Globe House

A DEPORTATION risk hanging over a resident in Globe House has been 'lifted.'

The man has been on hunger strike for 35 days in the local direct provision centre for refugees.

Rather Die

Friends indicated that he also refused liquids last weekend.

Supporters had said Amjad Rosstami (44) would “rather die of starvation than go back to Iran.''

He had feared that if sent back to the UK he would be deported to Iran.

The man who came to Ireland from Britain can now apply for asylum in this country. 

Details of the breakthrough are reported by Kitty Holland and Marese McDonagh in The Irish Times this morning, Tuesday.

Earlier, an estimated 100 people took part in a candlelit vigil in support of his fight.

Said the newspaper: ''Sources close to the Department of Justice said the threat of deportation had been lifted.''

Fears Genuine

Supporters had claimed that, as a Kurd, his fears of being killed if he returns to Iran are genuine. 

Kurdish separatism is implacably opposed by the Iranian government.

The man’s condition had deteriorated rapidly since last weekend.

Then he stopped taking liquids and fears for his safety were growing.

Fianna Fáil TD for Sligo-Leitrim Marc Mac Sharry told Sligo Today that he’s pleased that an Iranian asylum seeker has ended his 35 day hunger strike. 

The man will now receive treatment at Sligo University Hospital after being permitted to enter the asylum process.

Deputy Mac Sharry explained, “I have been in contact with this man since his case came to my attention over a week ago and have been liaising with Minister Frances Fitzgerald on the issue.  The situation deteriorated significantly over the past few days and there were genuine fears for the man’s health and wellbeing.

“This man fears for his life and he claims that he is wanted by the Iranian government.  I met with him again last night in the Emergency Department of Sligo University Hospital and spoke with him for over an hour and urged him to end his hunger strike.

“Following further communication with Minister Fitzgerald last night, the man has now been permitted to enter the asylum process.  He has also ended his hunger strike.  I want to welcome the Minister’s intervention and thank her for agreeing to review the case”.