Updated: 15/11/16 : 05:23:38
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Shinners cite 'border' in bid to claim Pence

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

MIKE PENCE, the new 'number two' in the White House, belongs to Mayo and not Sligo.

That's the claim publicly put forward this week by a Sinn Féin local councillor.

And he's even citing a 'border' in support of his claim, which was reported in the Western People yesterday, Monday.

Meanwhile, one of Sligo's new Municipal Districts has moved fastest and already invited America's new Vice President to visit Sligo.

Civic Reception

Cllr Jerry Lundy of Fianna Fáil has called for a civic reception to honour Mr Pence.....in Tubbercurry.

He was supported at the recent meeting of the Ballymote Tubbercurry (Dromore West) Municipal District.

Pence's roots have previously been reported in American/Irish media as Sligo and Clare. 

His grandfather, Robert Michael Cawley, emigrated in 1923 by boat through Liverpool. 

But Charlestown Sinn Féin councillor Gerry Murray believes the family links of the new 'number two' are firmly rooted in Mayo.

''My inquiries,'' said local publican Cllr Murray: ''Indicate he's from the Mayo side of the Sligo border.''

Border? Shinner? Shurely shome mhistake as one international satire magazine might say.

But, no, the Western People main story this week by Keith Bourke says it all: 'Mayo and Sligo battle to claim new VP Pence.'

The Sinn Féin councillor cited that the Pence homestead is in 'Doocastle.'

The incoming American Vice President still has relatives in that area, explained the Sinn Féin rep.

Satellite Image

This could go to penalty kicks -- maybe Gerry Adams in goals for Mayo and Sligo to pick its top shooter to stick one past him.

Maybe Martin McGuinness -- who wants NO border in Ireland -- will view all this as an own goal by his own team. 

A satellite photo image of the roads and townlands in the 'Doocastle' seems to show lots of Sligo addresses. 

Geographical Coordinates

On the other hand the geographical coordinates for Doocastle are listed on some websites as County Mayo.

Finally, Vice-President Pence was appointed by Donald Trump last Friday as head of his transition team.

Pence will now pave the path for the duo's move into the White House after the official inauguration on January 20th next.

Link: See Sligo Today 12/11/2016.