Updated: 15/11/16 : 05:50:24
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Sligo first to tackle sticky situation

Sligo is leading the way in Ireland in tackling an expensive and disgusting issue that every town or city deals with chewing gum. To remove gum from a  street can cost a county council up to 5,000 and requires a specialist company to do the work.   

It can be so expensive to clean up the sticky mess that Singapore strictly enforce a ban on it, it's illegal to even bring it into the country.

Sligo is now tackling the problem by installing ten bins that people can use to dispose of their gum.

These bright pink bins, known as Gumdrops, are not only receptacles of chewing gum, they're actually made from it! When the bins are full of gum they are sealed and then recycled wholesale into a new Gumdrop bin. This makes the bins both environmentally friendly as well as cost-effective.

Sligo is the first town on the island of Ireland to use the Gumdrops.

Gumdrop Ltd was founded in 2009 to tackle the global problem of chewing gum litter. Gumdrop Ltd is the first company in the world to recycle and process chewing gum into a range of new compounds that can be used in the rubber and plastics industry. 

Commenting on the addition of the Gumdrops to Sligo, CEO of Gumdrop Anna Bullas said "We are delighted to partner with Sligo, especially as it is our first public showing of the Gumdrop Bins in Ireland. We hope that together we can inspire the people of Sligo to recycle their gum and in turn reduce gum litter and those costly cleaning bills."

Towns of similar size to Sligo have had a huge saving of 45% on the yearly costs of cleaning the streets of chewing gum. It is hoped that the people of Sligo will see a similar savings as the awareness of the Gumdrop bins begins to spread.

The installation of the Gumdrops was a joint project between Sligo BID, Sligo Tidy Towns and Sligo County Council.

For further information on Gumdrops, visit http://gumdropltd.com/gumdrop-bin/