Updated: 18/11/16 : 04:50:03
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Sligo Volunteer Centre ‘Sippy Cup’ appeal goes viral

A volunteer centre in Sligo has received an overwhelming response on social media after a recent post went viral.

A unique request from a father in Devon, England caught the attention of Heidi Stemp, a volunteer with Sligo Volunteer Centre.

Marc’s son Ben has severe non-verbal autism. Ever since he was two, Ben has drank out of a blue Tommee Tippee sippy cup, and will not drink from anything else.

When the cup started to fall apart, Ben ended up in hospital with dehydration rather than drink from anything else.

As the cups are no longer made, Marc posted a plea on Twitter to see if anyone had a cup identical to Ben’s to replace.

The story struck a chord with the UK firm Tommee Tippee whose use of the #CupForBen brought thousands of responses from around the world including Sligo Volunteer Centre.

Heidi posted the image on Sligo Volunteer Centre’s Facebook Page and the result was incredible. The plea saw over 4,000 shares and hundreds of people getting in contact.


People around Ireland began sending photos of cups they had at the back of the cupboard to see if theirs matched the one that Ben needed. Heidi posted these images to Ben’s Dad to verify which ones were identical.

To date, Sligo Volunteer Centre has collected 10 cups from around the country. And Heidi has been in touch with Tommee Tippee UK which is providing a freepost address to receive the cups for Ben.

Sligo Volunteer Centre Manager, Ciara Herity said: “It is amazing to see the generosity of people. Our page has almost 300 new likes this week alone because of this post and almost 600,000 people have seen the post.

“Going into Sligo’s hosting of European Volunteering Capital in 2017, we are thrilled to see that there are still so many people willing to help at a human level.”