Updated: 19/11/16 : 07:18:25
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Enda sidesteps 'dog in the manger' dogmas

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

SEVENTY SEVEN million people in the English speaking world right now can be certified as yobs.

Who says so? Oh, The Irish Times and RTE both elevate the view. They should know.

Oh, and the guy in the supermarket and the woman in the pub say the same thing.

In fact, as a Paul Brady song once said, everybody knows. Seventy seven million yobs. 

Vote Again

Not even the decency to change their minds or offer to vote again to amend their ways or Think Like The Rest of Us. 

Mike Pence and Donald Trump can take this weekend off and watch Enda Kenny get stewed.

Stewed by those who oppose, despise, hate Trump and Pence and think they should be silenced. 

The dog in the manger dogma means if 'we' can't have it 'you' won't have it either. 

We have come a long way in Ireland; for so long as a people we were treated to the nay-side of these dogs in the mangers. 

Biggest Sin

The biggest sin and the best Sunday (Sunday!) reading in the Ireland I grew up in was agony aunt Angela McNamara in Dev's austere paper explaining heavy petting.

There are eeejits of politicians -- some in Fine Gael, too -- who think it's political sophistication to heavy pet exponents of dog in the manger dogma, 2016.

Get this: We have have had votes in 2016 in United Kingdom (17 million) and United States (60 million).

That's seventy seven million people whose views and votes and decisions are 100% wrong.....our media elites tell us.

Regardless of which side(s) won the actual votes, never were two principal countries with 'United' in their names left looking so dis-united. 

Opinion is (heavily) polarised in Ireland, too, because of our historic chains/links to both countries.

Save Deposits

Some of those I listen to on Irish radio and read in Irish papers (a) I've never heard of and (b) they wouldn't save their deposits in council elections.

The suspicion is that, as in the other two countries, they are not the majority viewpoint.....but media elites seamlessly present them to us as if they might.

Good Reason

Enda Kenny, then, is correct to get on with 'working' for the best (possible) outcomes of the votes on both sides of the Atlantic.

It won't be easy. If he fails, he can at least say he tried. If he succeeds, well there'll be a stampede to be on that bandwagon.

Particularly, the Taoiseach was correct to make personal contact with incoming US Vice-President Mike Pence yesterday, Friday.

There is NO modern political theory which supports playing the dog in the manger and barking at the moon. 

The Financial Times on Thursday told us Pence could well become one of the biggie Vice-Presidents in history. Keep the eye on this guy.

The reasons are simple enough -- he is the most experienced politician in the crew taking office for the next four years.

Pence is also currently head of the transition team and his cool head could be invaluable all around, both now and later.

Our media give us a tuppence hapenny squabble about whether the grandfather of Mike Pence emigrated from the 'Sligo side' or the 'Mayo side.'

Fact is he emigrated and didn't come back; the narrative of 45 million people. 

The trend continues to this day; Skype makes it no more easy than ever, especially for the undocumented. 

We need strategic (political) alliances within the new order if these undocumented are not to become the (new) unseen, unheard and unwanted. 

Everybody Blind

Those who say we should boycott Pence, treat him as a pariah, haven't a clue about the Real World.

Silence him because of his religious views -- however much we all disagree -- which are consistently and genuinely held? 

Some in Ireland who want to silence Mike Pence are afraid that changes, upcoming, in the US Supreme Court will, internationally, row back the  'climate' on abortion.

It lacks credibility for them to pretend otherwise. That is the big agenda being played for on the media ballpark. But a reason to treat Pence as a pariah?

John Hume, for one, grew pretty wearied reminding us -- and he should know -- that 'the politics of an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind.'

Here in Dublin, we need a top-class background team in place; all the American issues may yet be bigger than those around the outcome of the UK vote on Europe.