Updated: 21/11/16 : 04:52:18
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Tesco house plans ignore Ireland for now

TESCO HAS no plans to build private flats on top of its Irish stores, including Sligo.

But the company has already identified 15 supermarket sites in the UK for such plans, with new revenue worth £400 million sterling involved.

It plans to sell ''air rights'' to property developers, allowing them to build flats atop their stores.

Tesco also seeks to raise another £1 billion sterling in a sell-off of land and excess space in its stores.

Radical Strategy

Details of the new ''radical strategy'' -- developed the company's chief executive -- were revealed by The Sunday Telegraph yesterday.

Other plans in the pipeline include selling space to other retailers, to increase footfall.

It is unclear, as yet, if Tesco's UK plans could be taken up by developers here as part of the Government's solution to the housing crisis.