Updated: 22/11/16 : 12:18:56
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Mercedes-Benz : 10% reduction across new cars

Mercedes-Benz in Ireland has announced that it is introducing a 10% reduction in the price of all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars with immediate effect.
The reduction, which will apply for a limited period, will be implemented evenly across all models and all model segments, free of any terms and conditions.  
The intention behind the price reduction is twofold: One, to maintain market impetus as the industry faces into a new sales year and, two, to give support to a dealer organisation in its efforts to combat the effects on new car sales here following the movement in currency values from the recent Brexit result.
To date, Mercedes-Benz passenger car sales in Ireland for 2016 have increased by 44% compared to last year.
Stressing that the initiative is being taken to counteract what may turn out to be a short-term situation, Mercedes-Benz in Ireland said that ‘this new pricing arrangement will extend for a limited period only and in that regard motorists who may wish to avail of it are advised to contact their authorised dealer and make appropriate arrangements as soon as possible.’