Updated: 24/11/16 : 07:00:04
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Oireachtas report on climbing insurance premiums due today

An Oireachtas report due out later will reveal the average car insurance premium has risen by more than a third.

Lawyers and insurance companies are being held responsible for the hikes.

However, the report could recommend new laws to force firms to reveal details of their claims.

"The consumer constantly complained to us that they were being ripped off," said Oireachtas Finance committee chairman, Fianna Fáil TD John McGuinness.

"So you have insurance premiums going up by anything from between 30-60% and then there are cases where you can see an increase of 200% and 300% - that's not acceptable," he said.

"Neither is the fact that the information around the reasons for increases in premiums are not being thrashed out with the customer."